Solutions for Blissful Summer Bodies

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Pain and inflammation can put a dent in your summertime plans. But there are many ways to quell the heat of inflammation and increase your options for movement. Read on in the case study below for effective doctor’s recommendations for keeping you moving with ease.

As well, look for solutions in our plant kingdom. Mother Nature always has our backs with nutritive options. Hit your fresh market up for the following seasonal gems:

  1. Blueberries and strawberries – these antioxidant and phytonutrient rich fruits help repair soft tissue damage quickly
  2. Pumpkin seeds and dark leafy greens– provide relaxing magnesium that muscles soak up to ease cramping
  3. Avocados and brussel sprouts – tame inflammation and lubricate joints with omega 3 rich plant foods. Who knew that cruciferous vegggies were rich in this powerful fatty acid?
  4. Tart cherries – abundant antioxidants called anthocyanins bust up uric acid crystals that cause pain syndromes like gout
  5. Fresh mint – use it in teas and fresh spritzers during the summer to reduce tummy upsets and discomfort that limit mobility

And, of course, nothing beats expert body work for quickly resolving pain and inflammation. Why wait when skilled hands are waiting to guide your body back to freedom? Have you tried the Full Body Bliss treatment where advanced massage therapists literally rub the inflammation out of your body with high concentration CBD body butter? You don’t need pain to sign up for this but don’t be surprised if you develop a cramp thinking about it. 😉

With wild wellness,

Kristi Zimmer
Co-Founder of Tummy Temple