Hello, Hydration!

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Are you feeling thirsty? Thirsty for tips on how to easily get into the flow with hydration? Well, we are here to help this month with lots of guidance on how to keep cool and slippery inside and out.

Personally, I LOVE summer. I love the heat and the deep purge that it brings in my body, stirring up the cellular sludge from the inside out. But then there comes a time when I need to rehydrate what is left behind. How do I get the fresh water all the way into my cells? It’s an electrical thing!

Cellular walls manage what flows in and out by way of electrical charges. That means that negative and postive ionic charges determine when cells open and purge or receive nutrients. Are you starting to understand what all that fuss about alkaline water is about? Negatively charged ions create more fluid and toxin exchange at a cellular level and that movement helps manage inflammatory states in the body. So where do we get these charged nutrients? Minerals!

Join us this month as we dive deep into mineral rich states of blissful hydration with our monthly TempleWise class and Temple products! Learn how to get hydrated to the core of your cells and promote juicy living from the inside out!

Many Blessings,

Kristi Zimmer
Co-Founder of Tummy Temple