New Team Members: July 2013 Newsletter

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The Tummy Temple is proud to introduce our newest team members Tobyanna Everheart LMP, Janell Hartman RYT (Restorative Yoga Therapist), and Jamie Lashbrook LMP.  This dynamic trio will add some very unique offerings to our body work menu.

Tobyanna Everheart LMP provides Colon Hydrotherapy and massage therapy.  She worked as a Colon Hydrotherapist for almost 5 years with Dr. Jenefer Scripps Huntoon before finding her “happy place” on our colon hydrotherapy team.  The greatest testament to her work is that she has been able to serve our most sensitive hydrotherapy clients with success due to her calming and attentive presence.    Tobyanna’s massage work is expertly paced and deeply therapeutic.  She combines cupping and deep tissue with Swedish for a detoxifying and relaxing effect.  Her most unique offering is Ashiatsu, a form of seriously fancy, foot-based massage.  The practitioner stands on the table holding onto bars suspended from the ceiling and slowly breaks down tension patterns throughout the body using their feet!  This offering will be available in the early fall while Tobyanna is currently available for the other modalities 5 days a week.
Janell Hartman RYT (Restorative Yoga Therapist) is another brilliant addition to the Tummy Temple Colon Hydrotherapy team and brings her own inspired form of Yoga for the organs to the Temple stage.  Janell has been teaching yoga in Seattle and beyond for the last decade with an emphasis on organ restoration and yin yoga.  She has done extensive training in the qi gong method, Chi Nei Tsang, which decongests, aligns, and restores health to the vital organs.  Her yoga and qi gong training inform her colon hydrotherapy work in a very wholistic way, allowing her to assess how the structure and flow of energy in the body are supporting or taking away from the wellbeing of the digestive system.  Her Yoga work is an inspired work of placing clients in supported yoga poses with guided breath work and organ alignment techniques.  This work will break you out of any holding position you may have throughout your organ system and create a sense of deep connection throughout the body.  Janell is currently available for both therapies.
Jamie Lashbrook LMP, CCHC, Certified Mayan Abdominal Massage Practitioner brings the indigenous Mayan healing techniques back to the Tummy Temple.   Jamie has been practicing in NYC and studying with Dr. Rosita Arvigo (Founder of Arvigo Massage and apprentice to Mayan Shaman, Don Elijio) over the last year before heading to her native homeland, Seattle.  We are thrilled to have her call Tummy Temple her professional home.  Along with the Mayan Massage skills she will be utilizing the Arvigo herbal formulas for optimizing digestion, reproductive function and nervous system function.  She has also trained in spiritual healing techniques directly under Dr. Arvigo in Belize and is able to create effective ritual for many spiritual crises.  Jamie is on fire both in talent and in enthusiasm and on a mission to bring healing to the core of all individuals.  She will be available for Mayan Abdominal massage and therapeutic massage as of early July.