Soma Massage

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The goal of SOMA is to facilitate your access to your body’s deep wisdom. We utilize a series of ten or eleven sessions (see below), each progressively addressing specific areas of your body. This deep tissue technique is slow and steady and is supported by your breath and intention.

SOMA gently removes “blocks” of chronic tension and rigidity, restoring youthful qualities of spontaneity, ease and freedom to your whole system. As a result, you are healthier, more creative, energetic and resilient with greater levels of emotional openness and sensitivity.

Your practitioner may incorporate movement education, dialogue, personal journal keeping, and relaxation techniques, tailoring the process to your individual needs. Photography or drawings may also be used as a means of visually illustrating your transformation.

The 10-11 Session Series

SOMA consists of a systematic series of sessions, each focusing on a particular area of the body, yet they all address the comprehensive relationship of every part to the whole. The sessions are designed for a cumulative effect, each building on the previous session. Clients often report that their bodies are eager to receive, or even crave, the focus of the next session.

The Introductory Sessions

The first three sessions facilitate an opening, creating space for the “core” sessions that follow.

Session 1: Rib Cage
Focus: Releasing the tissue surrounding the rib cage and lengthen the lower back.
Results: A sense of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture and fuller deeper breathing.

Session 2: Legs & Feet
Focus: The body’s foundation: lower legs and feet.
Results: A sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality.

Session 3: Sides
Focus: The relationship between pelvis, ribcage and shoulder girdle.
Results: Expanded breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available energy.

The Core Sessions

To bring about the most profound benefits of SOMA work, we restructure, educate and enliven the center of your body: legs, pelvis, entire spine and muscles that support you from deep within.

Sessions 4, 5 & 6: Vertical Core
Focus: Adjust and lengthen the center line, or core, that runs vertically through the body.
Results: Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.

Session 7: Head and Neck
Focus: Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.
Results: More softened and relaxed appearance in the face, with increased self-reliance and personal power.

The Integrative Sessions

These final sessions are the key to the lasting “effects” of SOMA. By focusing largely on integration and connectivity, we allow your body-mind to fully “own” this new way of moving and being in the world.

Sessions 8, 9 & 10: Integration

Focus: Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.
Results: Less stress and increased energy as the body’s structure becomes better aligned with gravity.

Session 9A: Arms (new!)
Focus: Release and integrate the arms and shoulders
Results: A lighter experience of the arms, greater ease through the shoulders, an experience of more connection through the entire torso.

My SOMA journey was quite simply the most amazing life-changing experience I have ever had.  It is now three months since I completed the series and my body is continuing to change, integrate and surprise me on a daily basis.  I managed to achieve what I set out to at the beginning of the journey; my tai chi has come on in leaps and bounds with huge improvements in both movement and posture; I was able to make massive progress on the sexual abuse front by being able to accept, integrate and love those parts of me that were hurt so badly so that I now feel happy, whole and strong rather than damaged, broken and afraid, and my body was indeed able to “let go” of the memories it was holding onto; finally, I got all the fun I had hoped for and more besides, laughing more than at any other time in my life!  And I ended up with plenty I didn’t expect — two trips to Spain, crying (and “releasing”) for hours on end, the introduction to wine and coffee, divine orgasms, a dear friend in Shelly, the list could go on forever.

One of the loveliest and most lasting changes of all of this has been the new improved relationship with my belly and with food. I went from hating my belly to loving it, caring for it, nurturing it, feeding it; from fearing food to delighting in it; from relying on precooked and processed meals to cooking everything from scratch. Shelly helped me see that eating could be playful and a lot of fun and nothing to be scared of.  More importantly she taught me that I deserved the nurturing that good cooked food can provide and that this was something I could do for myself. So holding onto the thought, “I am worth feeding”, I began to play and experiment in the kitchen and found it to be both grounding and delightful. I realized that even on the really difficult days when the crying won’t stop no matter how much I want it to, I can still feed myself and that in itself kind of makes me feel better.  And my belly loves feeling full, nourished, loved.  I baked bread for the first time today (using spelt as it’s easier to digest!) and was amazed at it being such a whole body experience. All the senses were involved throughout the entire process and I found myself kneading the dough using strength from and moving with my entire body…I also found myself talking to the dough as I was doing this! As it was baking the scent entered every room, and I was so happy and excited to discover that it had turned out perfectly I emailed Shelly right away!

But I was a little tearful too, realizing that I had baked bread for me because I’m worth feeding, worth nurturing, worth loving…those thoughts/feelings almost always make me want to cry as they’re still very new, having come up for the first time during SOMA.  I don’t think I would be feeling those things about me if I hadn’t met Shelly and gone through the SOMA series and I certainly know that I wouldn’t have spent today baking bread!  After the last session, Shelly said, “you’ve got your wings, go fly!”  I just want to let whoever is reading this know that I’m flying in every sense of the word, and moreover, I have a yummy snack for the rest of the journey!

And thank you, Shelly, thank you so much for helping me get my life, my body and my belly back :O) ” – Sarah Moscrop

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