​Naturopathic clinics in Seattle & Greater Olympia.

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What sets us apart?

  • ​In business for over 20 years,
  • ​Over 150 years of collective practitioner experience,
  • ​15 practitioners that truly collaborate to help you,
  • ​One of the largest natural digestive, cleansing and detox businesses in the country,
  • ​Largest colon hydrotherapy clinic in the country,
  • ​10 therapies under 1 roof:
         * Naturopathic Medicine
         * Colon Hydrotherapy
         * ​Massage Therapy
         * ​CranioSacral Therapy
         * ​Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy
         * ​Hypnotherapy
         * ​Weight Management & hCG Diet
         * ​Nutrition
         * ​Restorative Yoga
         * ​Chi Nei Tsang [Chinese Organ Massage]
         * ​Virtual Clinic for ​Remote ​Tele-medicine
  • ​Conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Seattle and downtown Olympia,
  • ​A really happy and genuinely caring staff that loves what they do, where they work and who they work on,
  • ​All female staff,
  • ​We provide TRUE FULL BODY ​MASSAGE [most practitioners don't know how to work within the belly,
  • ​We use our own proprietary ORGANIC massage oil formulations,
  • All practitioners work directly with Naturopathic Doctors when needed to provide comprehensive therapeutic and medical care.

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