Tim Zimmer

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Tim 2016

Business Development, Product Specialist, Co-Owner
I offer my business skills, passion, energy and time to supporting the Tummy Temple community (customers and staff) with the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible. My focus is on all things business (systems/IT, finance, operations, facility, manufacturing, distribution & sales).

My work directly serves the staff of the Tummy Temple so that they have what they need to serve our community. I have a gift for figuring out how to get things done, even if I’ve never done it before.

I am the other co-owner of the Tummy Temple. Together with Kristi, my wife, we founded the Tummy Temple. After falling in love and getting engaged twelve days later we committed to having a life together. We worked towards overlap in our careers and then started working together to answer the question, “What can we provide together that our community needs and would value?” Pooling our passion for health and leveraging our skills and background, The Tummy Temple was born.

Academic and Business Education:

  • Earlham College – Richmond, IN, Bachelor of Arts, Japanese Studies & International Relations
  • Waseda University – Japan, Japanese Studies
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
  • Moscow Engineering & Physics Institute – Electrical Engineering
  • General Electric Company – Internal Auditor and Medical Sales Account Executive
  • Bausch & Lomb Japan, Tokyo, Japan – Product Development Manager / Engineer
  • Dell Computer Corporation – New Initiatives Coordinator and National Service Account Manager on the Boeing Account