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Helen 2016

 Community Catalyst

I offer Somatic Insight™ sessions and lead community gatherings, including a guided meditation circle, Coming Home to Ourselves, and a monthly women’s circle, Sacred Anatomy. My work serves people who want to grow the capacity to collaborate in their own health and wellness—those who seek a direct and deep relationship with their inner wisdom, power, and wholeness. I have a gift for soothing nervous systems and gently guiding people into a deep, relaxing state where they can better receive what’s most needed in the moment.

Although for two decades my exploration, study and training in a variety of cognitive, somatic and mystical traditions pointed me “inward,” I remained firmly focused outside of myself (like most everyone around me), looking for answers that were actually inside me…I simply couldn’t get quiet enough to hear them. Once my body began buckling under the stress of a full-throttle life, traveling the globe as storyteller and visual brand-keeper for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, I began waking up to the impact of my external focus. Slowly. The work I bring to the Tummy Temple is born from my own journey of awakening and is offered as a catalyst for yours.

Community Classes + Gatherings
I bring to the Tummy Temple my lifelong gift of gathering people in nurturing community. What this means for you is an opportunity to step into a potent, energetic “healing field” that magnifies the practices you undertake alone or with a practitioner. 

Gathering in community generates a powerful force field of restoration and wholeness that is far stronger than we can cultivate on our own. Together, we are co-creating a culture of health, aligning our physical bodies and energy bodies to restore ourselves as individuals, to support the restoration of our circle of meditators, and to amplify the entire healing field of the Tummy Temple. I have no doubt that doing so also contributes to the healing of our world at large.

Mystical Principles & Healing Program | Academy of Inner Science (2013-Present)
Basic & Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Training (128 hours)| Craniosacral School of the Masters (2015-16)
Family/Systemic Constellation Yearlong Program | Center for Ancestral Blueprints (2014)
Ordained Minister | Non-denominational (2013)
Spiral Dynamics Program (Certification) | Adizes Graduate School (2005)
Apprenticeship in Somatic Psychology (2-year Coaching Certification) | Hendricks Institute (2003)

Interests and Areas of Study
Witness Writing (inspired by Natalie Goldberg)
Mediation (various styles)
Improvisational “Circle Singing” & Sound Healing
Dance, Movement, Qigong
Breath Work
Somatic Psychology
Human & Systemic Development/Evolution
Integral Theory

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