7 Strategies for blissful holidays

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Holidays are meant to bring people together. How do we join together around the hearth, nourish ourselves and meet everyone’s needs? Mother Nature herself has provided some answers.


Well, that’s surprising. Bitters for making things better? Yes, bitters manage blood sugar and stimulate digestion. What better natural element to offset all that sugar and indigestion during the holidays? Put them in tea, water or take them straight. They manage gas and bloating and encourage regularity.

Bring a veggie platter

Creative veggie platters are always welcome. This crowd pleasing, revitalizing, and allergen-free addition to any holiday meal is much appreciated. Plan to fill up on it and sample size the rest of the menu.

Know your triggers

Get a food allergy test now, so that you know what your major dietary triggers are and you can avoid irritating reactions. Our local lab is running a special on the tests this month offering $60 off the normal price… something to consider if you’re going into the holidays with notable digestive stress. Call us to learn more about this opportunity.

If you do encounter a trigger then know your remedies. L-Glutamine formulas and soothing herbs are just the ticket for clearing up achy, swollen intestines after an exposure to a major allergen. Discuss the best options with our Registered Dietitian or Naturopathic Doctor team.

Know your immunity boosters

With all the exposure to viruses at holiday gatherings it’s important to keep up with basic immunity boosting habits. Be prepared for the onset of any illness with daily doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and probiotics and have an antibiotic herbal formula on hand, too. Broths of any kind make for simple yet nourishing medicine, especially when steeped with herbs.

Chill out & find bliss

Use the Bliss CBD Line to manage all your holiday stressors. Anti-inflammatory and calming these products address nerves, headaches and sleep effectively and naturally by toning what’s called the “endo-cannabinoid system.” This built- in system is designed to induce the healing and repair mechanisms of the body; a much better focus for the holidays than stress.

Forest Bathe (Shinrin Yoku)

Lungs need lots of circulation in the fall to keep mucus on the move, energize the body and release toxins. There’s no better place to do that than in nature. Most of us spend a lot of time inside during the winter, increasing exposure to viruses and breathing in stagnant air, and we miss out on the clearing and enlivening effect of nature. The fresh oxygen and visual relief that come with a tree-lined walk in the woods are indisputably one of the best healing values around. The Japanese have formalized nature healing with a practice called “Shinrin Yoku” or forest bathing. Keep your body restored and calm this holiday season with a little help from the trees.

Plan for the reset

It’s important to allow for a little flexibility and “go with the flow” attitude during the holiday season. If you enjoy a little pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top or multiple servings of gravy laden mashed potatoes, then don’t sweat it. New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner waiting for you. Plan for a post holiday reset and enjoy the moment.

REVIVE Cleansing program will run twice in January to accommodate early risers in the New Year AND late starts. Learn more about this comprehensive and convenient online program further down in this newsletter. It’s professionally coached by yours truly and my long-time colleague, Heidi Ochsner RD, and is just the thing to kick start a healthy new routine.

Now let’s go have fun, stay healthy and let the holiday cheers begin!

With wild wellness,

Kristi Zimmer

Co-Founder of Tummy Temple

Image Credits: Shopify: Group of young friends having traditional dinner on Thanksgiving Day – by Pressmaster; Platter of fruits and veggies arranged in a color gradient pattern – By Eric Urquhart; Experience the forest while bathing in the forest (Shinrin Yoku) with all her senses. A 50 year old blonde woman sits cross legged relaxed. She fuels the sun and the atmosphere of the forest. Sun shin – by Tanja Esser