Kirsten Throneberry, MA


Shamanic Healing, Insight Coaching

I offer insight coaching and shamanic healing including soul retrieval work. This type of healing helps clients who are looking to understand, and transform, emotional and spiritual aspects of their ailments so they can gain optimal physical and emotional well-being.

My gifts come from those who guide me and their ability to pinpoint the places where we get stuck (both emotionally and energetically) and their assistance in helping breaking apart and clear these blockages so that we can move forward on our path.

My personal path to wellness has been winding and varied, teaching me to navigate the dark depths of the soul and gifting me with profound blessings I had no idea were possible. One of the greatest insights I’ve gained on my ongoing journey to wellbeing is that no one can heal you but you—others can help facilitate your healing—but only you can heal yourself. My role in our collaborative healing work is to share the wisdom that guides me, the healing prompts that come through me, and to create a safe container where you can access your own personal wisdom, amplify your own sacred voice, and connect with your own inner healing and come into alignment with yourself and others.

Licenses, Certification and Education

  • MA Counseling Psychology—Pacifica Graduate Institute 2006
  • Basic Shamanic Training—offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner, 1995
  • Soul Retrieval Training—offered by Sandra Ingerman, 2008