Jessica Hebert, ND


My work serves people who want to recover, improve, or maintain excellent health in the context of a whole-hearted, passion-driven life. People who are driven to heal on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, holistic) will find a strong and kindred guide in me.
My work includes listening, lifestyle change support, standard and specialized diagnostic tests, physical examination, medical and holistic assessment, manual therapy/bodywork, depth psychology, dream work, relaxation. I can support you in your goals related to dietary and lifestyle change, digestive health, brain health, hormonal balancing, motivation, overcoming addiction patterns, weight loss, health optimization, emotional expression, forgiveness work, grieving, spiritual practices, overcoming depression or anxiety, practicing presence, self-realization, character development, clarifying values, pain relief, and relaxation.
I have a gift for gathering and holding a very large picture of someone’s health ranging from physical to emotional, mental, social and career and then finding the area that would be the biggest lever for change, or finding the area that would be the easiest lever for change. My touch is intelligent, my presence is gentle yet strong, and my sincere intention is to support your healing and empowerment in all the ways that I can.
Retrospectively, I can recognize signs of my calling to be a healer as early as age 9 when I read a story about a medicine woman and wished I had been born centuries earlier so that I could be like her, living close to the land, gathering herbs and food, keeping her community healthy, and connecting to spirit realms to gather healing wisdom and energy. At that age and onward through school, I loved absolutely every subject and when it was time to choose a specific life direction I had a very hard time; my path towards becoming an ND has been a wandering one.
A profound turning point in my life was when at age 28 I met my spiritual teacher, Char Sundust, who has helped me recognize who I am and how I can continually become my best self and offer true service to my community. Now, as an ND, I am discovering what it means for me to be a modern-day medicine woman. I embrace, love, and respect every modality from the modern to the ancient and from every healing system from Ayurveda to European to Traditional Chinese Medicine to Western evidence-based medicine, to folk medicine, to energy medicine and others. I want to help you be your healthiest self and know your deepest self. I want us to build a sustainable healthy community in which we are all awake, and helping our children recognize and awaken to their gifts early so they can fully express the beauty of their original medicine.

Licenses, Certification and Education:

Licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Certified Massage Therapist
B.A. in Chemistry

Other areas of interest and study:
Spiritual health and healing
Cross-cultural studies and working towards equality of all peoples
Math, physics, language, perspective

Naturopathic Physician License NT60469451