Finding Bliss in Natural Remedies: A Continued Case Study

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies

Have you noticed the interest in cannabis extracts these days? One of the ingredients in cannabis called cannabidiol, or CBD, is being discussed in healthcare settings, educational institutions and around the dinner table. There is supporting research that CBD provides anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory effects. There’s even work being done to study how the microbiome (our gut bacteria) is being affected by cannabis extracts through the endocannabiniod signaling system!

Case: The update on Sandra; the incidence of her nerve pain has decreased by half after 4 weeks on 15 mg of CBD (the equivalent of 1 dropperful of Doctor’s Bliss tincture 3 times per day). She had 1 bad headache this past month. Her headache frequency decreased thanks to a craniosacral session every other week. Lastly, the Mediterranean diet has been a successful tool to facilitate a 2 pound per week weight loss while also supporting her beneficial gut bacteria through its higher fiber content. The plan for Sandra next month will be preparing for cleansing to support the removal of waste compounds and toxins that are stored in fat which become mobilized into circulation through weightloss. This is why any weightloss program should also support detoxification reactions in the liver and elimination through the colon in order to prevent toxins from damaging healthy tissues. Sandra’s energy is maintained at a vibrant level so she’ll continue on her Nature-throid for another month and then we’ll re-evaluate her hormones through blood tests.

Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND
Medical Director of Tummy Temple