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The following is a real life email testimonial of the power of DiJu. 


Hello MS (name has been abbreviated to protect privacy),

…. Before I say anything I need to disclaim my comments with “I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose, treat or suggest treatment for any conditions”. The following is observed information and basic health suggestions.

I took a look at your information going back to 2006 and it looks like you have had issues with bowel regularity, hard stool, hydration and gas. … there are likely root causes to the irregularity that have not been resolved. … We have seen many people, such as you, with long term bowel irregularity issues. Here are some fundamental wellness suggestions that you should integrate into your lifestyle. You should notice a solid difference if you are not doing all of these. If you are, let me know.

1. Hydrate at ½ your body weight in ounces. For every cup of caffeinated drink you consume drink another 8 oz. of water. Including a good electrolyte (like E-lyte) can help.
2. Chew your food till it’s liquid.
3. Eat in a relaxed state (not working, talking on the phone, driving, etc.) This significantly affects acid production.
4. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to relax after you eat for digestion.

To help identify deeper issues it may be worth taking an allergy test.

Regarding the gas, it is worth noting that gas is usually a byproduct of non-beneficial bacteria. My whole family, including our 1.5 year old and 4 year old, takes probiotics (beneficial bacteria) daily. These days I consider the supplementation of beneficial bacteria a must. Without going into detail they are a huge wellness contributor.
I read through your session notes and noticed that you have a pretty stressful job. If you would like to talk about how this may be affecting your wellness and what are easy things to do that can help I would be more than happy.

All my best,

Co-owner, Tummy Temple
Feel free to call me to chat if you would like.

P.S. I was glad to see that you ordered the Smooth Passage Plus. The beets should help, as I noticed they helped you years earlier just prior to a session. BEWARE using any fiber product without hydrating extremely well. Fiber without enough water in the system can create a plug. The Smooth Passage products are designed to minimize the plugging by creating a very slippery coating on the fiber. Don’t rely too heavily on that, though.

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for the advice.

I agree… I have not found the “root cause” — but I have been searching hard! I have been to a few naturopaths and Registerd Dietitians, too, in search of answers. I have been trying the following “cure” ideas, but, unfortunately, nothing has worked so far:

1. I do take probiotics. I take 2 capsules per day which have: 10 billion viable L. acidophilus (DDS®-1 strain), B. longum, B. bifidum, and B. lactis. Do you think they are not strong enough?
2. I eat a “fermented” food or drink everyday — Synergy Kombucha, organic fermented cabbage (Nutritive foods), unpasteurized miso, yogurt and kefir.
3. I drink 64 – 80 ounces of water per day (I weigh 140 pounds). If I exercise a lot and sweat, I drink more. I also drink a lot of Nettle tea infusions — for the high mineral content + hydration with electrolytes.
4. I eat a lot of fiber: fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains/legumes everyday.
5. A naturopath thought maybe I didn’t have enough stomach acid, so I take “Betaine HCL & Pepsin” tablets with each meal.
6. I do other things for digestion: relax during/after eating, chew food 20-30 times, drink fresh lemon juice, take unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s).
7. I practice a combination of hot Bikram (and power Baptiste) yoga 4-5 days a week for 90 minutes
8. I walk/jog at least 30-45 mins daily.
9. I eat seaweed daily to ensure I am getting enough iodine and other minerals
10. I take a good multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin E and Vitamin C. (my vitamin D levels were low at one point, but now they are back to optimal ranges)
11. I take high-quality EPA and DHA daily (Nordic Naturals brand). I also eat cold hemp oil and borage oil on my salads.
12. I saute food with organic extra virgin coconut oil.
13. I have tried colonics and cleansing programs — they offer some relief, but it is only temporary
14. Unfortunately, none of these things have helped even though I have been trying them for several months if not years. So I keep going back to the Diju (and fiber drink [Smooth Passage Plus]) for some relief.

I have asked the naturopaths if the cause of the chronic constipation could be my thyroid. They have tested all my hormone levels and say they indicated my thyroid is working well. I now have a *forth* naturopath who I am seeing for yet another opinion. She took my blood and is running tests on thyroid and other hormones — I have a follow-up with her in a few weeks since she is really busy. Anyway, as an endocrine specialist, I am hoping she has some answers.

In the meantime, I am glad to hear that I am not doing any harm or making my body “dependent” on the Diju by taking it so much. I will keep using the Diju until something else works and my body can work on its own.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for reading this long e-mail…. sorry it is so long. I just wanted to explain what I have been doing to try to correct this issue. And thanks for making the Diju… it is the only thing that helps me.


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Hi Tim,

Thanks for forwarding my e-mail to Kristi (Co-owner, Tummy Temple)… if she has any ideas, I am very open to them.

And thanks for your kind words. It does get *very* frustrating sometimes to put in so much effort and not see results, but I have to keep trying — something *has* to work soon.

I have had issues with regularity as long as I can remember (maybe 5 years back… I can’t remember specifically before that). I have *never* been a person who goes 2-3 times per day (the ideal). But I think it may have gotten worse in the last 1-2 years. Before, I went about 4-5 days/week — now it is about once per week. If I take the Diju/fiber [Smooth Passage Plus] drink daily, I can get it to once per day.

I haven’t had any surgeries, and my life has been filled with the normal ups and downs — there is no one event I can think of that “set this off”.

Here is what has worked for me:

Diju and some type of psyillium/fiber drink (Smooth Passage)
• The Betaine HCL pills seemed to help for the first week I took them. And then nothing. I was back to being constipated no matter how many I took. I still take them, but I am going to give them up soon since they are not helping and they are expensive.
• Juice fasting and daily colonics (for 7 days) helped a little. But it was only temporary.
• Drinking coffee sometimes stimulates me. Although even coffee hasn’t helped in the past year or so. I have quit drinking coffee for months/years at a time, and that changes nothing. I try not to drink a lot of it, but sometimes I get desperate so I will try anything. But either way — if I drink it or do not drink it, my constipation is the same.
So, yes, there has to be some other underlying issue. I have had my adrenals tested and they do seem to be normal — but I will ask this new naturopath to check them again. I haven’t had any allergy tests — are you talking about an allergy to dairy or something else? I have changed my diet many times, hoping it would help. I have been vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating (always organic and 100% grass-fed). I have stopped eating grains and been low carb. I have been high carb. I seem to try every diet combination and “cure” in my list below, and my issue remains constant. However, I will ask the naturopath about a possible allergy cause.

Thanks again for your help. 🙂



Hi Tim,

Yes, it (my online order) arrived yesterday. Thanks for checking….

By the way, I had an interesting experience. When I ran out of Diju, I got surprisingly severe constipation that lasted a *very* long time. I had never been without Diju for this many days in a row so it was an interesting experiment to see what happened. I got so desperate at one point that I tried things I normally don’t (e.g. very strong chemical/stimulant laxatives from the drugstore). And even those did not work! My constipation must have been *really* bad if even the “industrial strength” remedies did not work. Nothing was normal until I took Diju once again.

I outlined what happened to me below… it is a little long, so if you don’t have time to read it, no problem.

This is just a testament to how well Diju works. And it taught me a valuable lesson — I can’t run out! (well, at least until I find the underlying cause). 🙂


• March 5th — regular with Diju (that day, I ran out of Diju — this was my last dose so I thought I would try to see if I could live without it)
• March 6th — constipated (constipated in this list mean absolutely *zero* BMs for the day)
• March 7th — constipated (during this whole time I am eating 30 grams of fiber per day — tons of whole grains, legumes and veggies. I am drinking lots of water and nettle tea. I am also drinking fresh lemon juice with Smooth Passage, etc. All that good stuff. Still nothing).
• March 8th — constipated
• March 9th — constipated
• March 10th — constipated (okay, now I am getting worried — 5 days with no BM — so I go online to order more Diju)
• March 11th — constipated
• March 12th — constipated (now it has been 7 days without a BM [bowel movement]! I am *desperate* so I go to the drugstore to get the strongest laxative they have — magnesium citrate. Mag citrate is what doctors have patients drink the day/night before a colonoscopy to completely clean out the colon — it is supposed to cramp like crazy because it is really strong and completely cleans you out so they can look at clean colon walls with the scope. But I am willing to experience cramping if it will get me moving again after 7 days. Well, guess, what… it doesn’t work! I get no cramping, a few minor squirts, but that is all).
• March 13th — constipated (now I am *really* desperate so I try a chemical/laxative — Docalax. The pharmicist says not to use this too often, but it is okay for emergencies once in awhile. It is a really strong drug, so it should work. I hate taking any type of drug, and I normally never do, but eight days of virtually no BM is an emergency to me, so I try it. Surprisingly, Docalax does nothing. Absolutely nothing!).
• March 14th — constipated — (now I am really desperate. I try a bigger dose of Docalax and some Milk of Magnesia. Nothing again! I decide to give up on the store-bought laxatives — I get zero effect.)
• March 15th — pretty much still constipated — some small squirts here and there, but nothing close to a full BM and *no* large intenstine movement feeling (the feeling you get when you need to go to the bathroom). I have had none of these feelings at all… in 10 days!
• March 16th — constipated
• March 17th — constipated
• March 18th — constipated. Now I have some Diju. (before dinner, I take a 30+ Diju pellets and Smooth Passage with lemon juice. Then I take another 30+ pellets before bed).
• March 19th — At 5:00 am, I take 30+ more pellets Diju and Smooth Passage. By 7:30 am I feel my bowels move for the *first* time in about 14 days!! The cramping is a bit intense… I have to take deep breaths and walk slowly to the bathroom, but that is probably because I have 14+ days of “old stuff” in me… yikes! How does it all fit? I have a normal BM! At 1:30 pm, I have another normal BM… this time, with no cramping.

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Yeah! Back to normal with Diju. 🙂

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