Case Study: Fast Healing for Injuries

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies

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Ruth, a 24 year old woman, presented with pain in her right shoulder after a fall off her horse 2 weeks ago. She experienced 4/10 sharp pain with specific gestures, decreased range of motion and stiffness in her joint. Imaging revealed no broken bones but a small micro tear was found upon her MRI. She was given NSAIDs and a referral to physical therapy.

Naturopathic Medicine seeks to restore health without doing any harm, so common conventional methods such as the use of NSAIDs are avoided, if possible. Luckily, nature has provided many ways to successfully address injuries.

I recommended a series of Electro-lymphatic drainage treatments twice a week for 2 weeks then once per week for 2 weeks. This therapy is highly effective for reducing inflammation and speeding healing of soft tissue.

Along with this therapy, I recommended a clinical strength, natural anti-inflammatory (proteolytic enzymes) taken twice a day between meals in place of NSAIDs. Intenzyme Forte is a formula of natural anti-inflammatories that will not increase her risk of gastric ulcers, heart attack nor stroke.

Her lymphatic sessions focused on clearing the congestion, edema and traumatic debris in her upper extremity as well as stimulating tissue healing and repair.

Ruth also applied our topical CBD cream (Body Bliss) to her shoulder throughout the day and increased her collagen peptide dosing to twice per day. Collagen peptides provide a full spectrum of amino acids to support healthy bone and joint tissue. 

After 4 weeks of the above protocol and physical therapy Ruth’s pain was gone, her strength was up to 90% and she had resumed full range of motion during.

Don’t let summer injuires get you down. We’ve got plenty of effective solutions to keep you moving with ease!

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Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND
Medical Director of Tummy Temple

Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND
Medical Director of Tummy Temple