New Mom recovers from core weakness with SOMA work

Kristi ZimmerBackache

Client Details:

  • Female, 34 years old.
  • A New mom of 1 year suffered from on-going lower and mid back pain. The pain was sharp and reduced her quality of mothering life. There were clear postural holding patterns from birthing and using a weak back too much during the immediate post partum phase.
  • Seeking support to reduce backache and improve sensuality.


  • SOMA was applied in two 2 hour sessions to reduce torque on the core muscles and properly align the pelvis.
  • The client was instructed in how to become more aware of her new, beneficial posture.


  • Excellent outcome.
  • Distorted patterns were released and tension was noticeably and immediately improved. The client reported that she could feel the abdominal weakness and resulting holding patterns resolving.
  • SOMA massage will continue to be used for recurring back pain if strain occurs during strengthening process. The SOMA treatments at once a month will also focus on enhancing the new mom’s reconnection to her body in the postpartum stage, including her sensuality.

This case study was submitted, on behalf of Shelly Donovan, LMP, SOMA Master Level practitioner , by Kristi Zimmer, CCT, LMP, Master level practitioner in both massage and colon hydrotherapy practitioner (and Tummy Temple founder). Call (206)729-6211 to schedule an appointment.